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Maxi Dresses

Explore our Most-Loved Maxi Dresses

Discover a new crop of maxi dresses this fall without overspending! This season’s array of maxi dresses is sure to transform your wardrobe into a new chic style without breaking the bank. Defined by their full length and effortless appeal, maxis transform everyday wear into a versatile look that can be paired with your favorite flat for a day of shopping or dressed up with heels. Go long honey and break up rigid wear this summer in the sun! There are maxi’s in neutral shades and subtle tones for those who love a low-key vibe. Or channel your inner girly-girl in a patterned maxi for those on the flirty and feminine side. If you’re looking to make a statement then our long floral dresses feature stylish necklines, lengths, and details that should be at the top of your list! For formal events and special occasions, find full-length dresses with solid colors in an effortless presence of confidence.

Every Day and Formal Long Dresses

Find that perfect dress for vacations, weddings, holidays, and those laid-back, casual days. You can always find the ultimate collection of throw-on-and-go maxi dresses at Petal & Pup. Dress up in a fancy evening dress when you have a special event or formal gala. Then find the perfect balance of your hemline, neckline, cutlines, and slits for the wedding guest dress that makes your heart skip a beat! Prints and solids, strapless and long sleeve, we've got long, full-length dresses for days! And let's talk trends because our maxi dress collection is straight-up endless and oh-so on-point. With solid styles in every color of the rainbow, you can shop maxi dresses in all the shades: beige, black, blue, brown, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow. And if you're all about those eye-catching prints, we've got everything from garden florals to Bohemian tiles to beachy tie-dyes. Our collection will take your style to new lengths – literally! we've got the long dress that's ready to slay any season. So, why wait? Let's maxi-mize your wardrobe with new staples now!